On 4th December 2016, GGA fraternity including the Directors, Principal, teachers and students together with some parents collaborated with KOMESHA NJAA initiative to combat the issue of hunger and poverty that had severely affected most families in Kinango Constituency at the Coastal region in Kwale County.

GGA Charity Kit program ensured that donations in form of money and clothing were collected in the course of the term to help those in greatest need. Every Thursday was a charity day whereby foodstuff donated by some parents were sold to the students and the money accumulated was geared towards the Charity Kit. It was also facilitated by a ‘No Uniform Day’ whereby both teachers and students were charged 200Kshs and 300Kshs respectively.

In addition, the immense and generous contribution of GGA Parents massively facilitated the community service Program. The activities of the day were marked by vigorous and enthusiastic appeal by both parents, teachers, students and Komesha Njaa members who actively engaged in sharing out the donations to put a smile on the faces of the affected families. The donations included food (maize flour, cooking fat, beans); candies, fresh clean drinking water and clothing.

A huge thank you to KOMESHA NJAA initiative, Directors, Parents, Teaching and Non-teaching staff and most of all the brilliant, outgoing and collaborative GGA Students.