Muigai Muriuki is a member of the International Facilitators Association and registered teambuilding and change management consultant in Kenya. He is the Academy Principal with a long outstanding experience in the school leadership and has received many outstanding commendations and recognitions for his support in the Youth empowerment programs and The Presidential recognition for supporting the growth of the President’s Award – Kenya Including being the Alumni of the same. He is a graduate of Kenyatta University with several Awards and recognition in School leadership and administration.


He is a qualified economist and a school management system designer system with a Masters of Art (econ). In the last 20 years, David has successfully prepared O-level and A-level candidates in both the Edexcel qualifications and Cambridge qualifications’. He is also a registered President’s Award facilitator and EAMUN program Advisor. He has held past school leadership position in more than three international schools in Mombasa – Kenya


 He is a graduate Mathematics’ Teacher with outstanding track record of preparing students in the International schools. He was for more than four years the Deputy Head of school of a Private school in Mombasa – Kenya. His also a trained Pearson –Edexcel facilitator and contributed immensely to the growth of the curriculum and setting of the International examination. He is credited with many train the trainer program to`


He is a qualified graduate Mathematics and physics teacher and a School system management designer. He is an accredited BNC facilitator with a successful track record of more than twenty five years preparing students for the IGCSE and IAL. He is in charge of ICT system development and integration to support learning at GGA.   


Lucy Mwaniki is a qualified and very experienced primary school teacher, a professional counsellor and a registered member of Kenya Counsellors’ Association. She has a wealth of experience in teaching career and school leadership, having taught in several national and international schools in Kenya. She has received many recommendations and has won outstanding leadership awards. She`s the head of the primary campus.

Nancy Mwagore

Nancy Mwagore is the Head of Nursery, a long serving and dynamic professional teacher with abilities developed through balanced and rigorous academic experience in competent colleges and international schools. She demonstrates the Vision and Values of the school by putting in place outstanding and competent teaching and learning strategies with proper monitoring and evaluation to promote an exciting and challenging curriculum. She has a proven record of providing a careful transition from home to Nursery school, Primary school and Senior school thus providing a firm foundation for the development of holistic individuals


 He is a qualified graduate English teacher from Kenyatta University with a wealth of experience of more than 25 years facilitating learning in the International school. He is the Greenwood Groove academy External examination Coordinator and registered with the Pearson – Edexcel Qualifications and International Examination Coordination.


She is a qualified Nursery school teacher with vast experience in the international school set-up. She is the Key stage one coordinator and activities facilitator. She was involved in setting the GGA- Academic standards and monitoring scalers including learning programs beyond the classroom walls.


 She is a certified account (Certified public account) with a bachelor’s in business administration. Rich in accounting knowledge having worked as an accountant in three multinational companies for three years.  She is also a qualified accountant’s teacher and has been very instrumental in preparing students for the international exams like the Edexcel qualifications and Cambridge qualifications.


MARGARET NJUGUNA is a graduate of both Maseno and Kenyatta universities. She has a wealth of experience as a teacher of English Language and Literature, well versed in the British Curriculum. She is recognised by Edexcel as an AS &A2 English coursework moderator. She has had extensive training in Career Education and Guidance. Besides, she works as a youth mentor both at school level and as a long serving patron of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Awards (PA -K). Margaret is currently the GGA Senior School Deputy Head. She has vast   exposure in leadership and school operation strategies, having worked as a Dean of Students for 7years.


 She is the Key Stage 3 Coordinator, examinations officer and a teacher at o-level and a-level. Agnes has a bachelor’s of education degree (economics and business studies) from Kenyatta University and a master’s degree (MBA strategic management) from JKUAT. Long standing experience in teaching, business studies global citizenship and global development,


He is a graduate of Kenyatta University. He is a Key Stage two Coordinator at the campus. Andrew is a member of the Train the trainer team and has been involved in setting the curriculum guideline for primary schools for many years. His role involves setting the annual calendar and learning time schedules for the Primary school. Beyond the classroom, Andrew has been very instrumental in facilitating outdoor learning through Youth camps and community service


 He is a French teacher by profession and a Key stage four Coordinator. Briviant is a member of Alliance Française has been involved in promoting French intercultural programs both in school and in Mombasa. He has great track record in the International Private schools’ Senior School Leadership circle


He is a very experienced Physics and Maths teacher with in-depth knowledge of how to prepare the IGCSE and IAL students. He is a trained international examiner and has attended numerous Pearson Edexcel organized facilitators insets. He is the Key stage Five Coordinator and senior school academic program and time-table coordinator