Headteacher’s Welcome

  Welcome to greenwood Groove primary school, one of the leading international primary schools in Mombasa, Kenya. We provide an exceptional education to children through highly enjoyable and engaging learning experiences. In Greenwood Groove primary school, pupils acquire the skills and knowledge set out in the British Curriculum and also develop as individuals through a broad range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities.

All of our classroom teachers are highly qualified and receive up-to-date training to ensure standards are always high. The student’s emotional development is integral to the school ethos through provision of excellent pastoral care, moral and behavioral guidance programs. Students are nurtured throughout their schooling and provided with opportunities to develop in aspects of Humility, Tolerance, leadership, responsibility, self–discipline, integrity and compassion.

  State-of-the-art technologies are integrated into our curriculum and classrooms to ensure pupils are trained to be lifelong learners and responsible global citizens. Our differentiated approach to learning means lessons are planned with various outcomes, depending on the child’s abilities. Small class sizes and low student to teacher ratios ensure pupils receive the support they require to make good academic and personal progress. 

I encourage you to come and visit our campus.  You will sense the unique learning atmosphere here and will want your child to become a part of us. I will be extremely pleased to welcome you and look forward to sharing with you the achievements of our school and students. 


Lucy M. Mwaniki,Headteacher