Greenwood Groove Academy offers the British curriculum, which is popular among international schools worldwide. The curriculum is well respected all over the world for its quality and focus on the wholesome development of the child.  This is how the curriculum works at Greenwood Groove Academy.

  • The kindergarten section begins from Play group, KG 1,2 and 3
  • The junior section from year 1-6
  • The senior section from year 7-13


The Core Subjects in this section are: English, Mathematics and Science.  Beyond the focus on the core subjects, there is an emphasis on development of other skills which include; leadership, IT (Information Technology), creativity, social etc.

In the junior section, students take progression tests (set by schools) before they move to the next year. At Year 6 and 9, there are “Checkpoints’ (set by external examiners) where the students take tests that are analyzed by the examining body to ensure they are progressing according to international benchmarks.


In Year 11, students take their International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) exam, followed by International Advanced Subsidiary Levels (IAS) for year 12 and lastly the International Advanced level (A- levels) exams for Year 13.

Though the general structure of the curriculum is the same, there are different programmes and examination bodies such as the Cambridge programme and Pearson’s Edexcel, that are  tasked by the British Government to ensure that the schools all over the world that offer this curriculum meet the set standards.

Greenwood Groove Academy is among the few IGCSE schools in Kenya under Pearson Edexcel.